Earlier this week I posted Beyonce’s spread for W Magazine. Well the interivew is out and Bey reveals the 7 looks from some of her greates music videos that have shaped her career.

First up is Crazy In Love (2003) I remember I was in college when this song first came out and I wanted a pair of denim shorts, white tank, and a pair of red heels. It was so simple but it made a statement and it impacted Beyonce’s career.

“I had just turned 21, and this was my first solo video. I wanted to be a female version of James Dean and wear an iconic white T-shirt and jean shorts. I always think about wearing something a fan could buy and make her own; as a young girl I remember seeing so many artists, and then I’d try to dress like them. I sewed zippers on my jackets to be like Michael Jackson.”

“DEjA Vu” (2006) I love the messy hair in this video. It shows that she is just care free. Not many people can make “the messy” look wearble

“We shot this in New Orleans right after Hurricane Katrina, and the choreography was almost tribal in my mind. There’s something spiritual about Louisiana, where my family is from, and I thought of Josephine Baker. She had a way of dancing that was almost possessed. I used her as a reference and combined her with Brigitte Bardot. My hair, the bustier: It’s very Bardot. I love to mix things that you wouldn’t put together—like Baker and Bardot. They both had that French influence, which is really strong in Louisiana.”

“Telephone” (with Lady Gaga) (2010) I actually loved this video. The concept was great and they both killed the dance sequence

“Gaga is my girl! I’m her biggest fan. When I first saw her perform, I actually called her and said, ‘You are great!’ That was before her popularity hit, and we had a natural connection. Later, she asked me to do her video, and I said, ‘I trust you, Gaga. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.’ I played a bad, bad girl. When I put on the Bettie Page wig, I got into the character. I started researching Bettie Page and tried to channel her pinups and poses. The video ended up being very much like Quentin Tarantino’s movies. He gave us his blessing, even loaned us the car with pussy wagon written on the side from Kill Bill. My mom said, ‘Do you have to use that car?’”

“Why Don’t You Love Me” (2010) This is Bey pushing the envelope and going against the grain. The song had such an old school vibe to it that I absolutely loved. Other singers have had similar video concepts, but Bey executed this very well.
“I was still thinking about Bettie Page, and wanted to do something that was inspired by her. This video was a secret: I paid for and codirected it and didn’t tell my label or my management. The clothes and jewelry are from my closet, the wigs are mine, and I did my own makeup. We did eight looks in one day in this great house that belonged to a producer who worked with Dorothy Dandridge. He had pictures of her on the wall, so her spirit is in the video, too. I love Super 8 film and wanted to get those saturated colors. It’s a different drama—the tears and martinis and cigarettes. I wanted to channel the past for the present.”

“Run the World (Girls)” (2011) The fashion in this video was just utterly ridiculous. I mean you had Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Gareth Pugh, Norma Kamali, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Emilio Pucci.


“This is the power stand, the next chapter of my life. I do this job because it makes me high and inspires people. In the video, most of all I wanted to show that I’m proud to be a woman. I had read about powerful African men who have hyenas as pets, and I wanted to create a world where women run the world, so in the video I have these hyenas as pets. I’m wearing a Givenchy Couture gown and I’m holding these crazy hyenas. There’s dirt on the dress, but I’m still pure and regal. I wanted to push the theatrics to make a point: Women rule.”

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