(The good ol’ days)

Hello Diddy, Dawn, and Kaleena,

I want to first start off by saying I loovveeee “Last Train To Paris.” It is in my regular rotation on my iTouch. My concern really isn’t with you Diddy, it is more so Dawn and Kaleena. Ladies, what’s going on? I love your style about 95% of the time, but right now, these looks I am not feeling. I know you try to switch it up to keep things “fresh” and often change your looks, but I am used to you ladies being more consistent. There is always something that I LOVE about your looks, but these two photos right here, not cutting it. I see where you were going, but you took a left turn somewhere. I look to you ladies for inspiration and I want to be inspired again. Sooo as a concerned fan, I am asking that next time you leave your house, photo shoot, studio, hotel, take a look in the mirror. Thanks!

A concerned fan.

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(Dawn looks good in this photo, I’m worried about Kaleena)

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