I am really tired of the KKK…yes I said it the KKK…Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney!! I know you are thinking, “well why are you blogging about them?” This is my place to vent about foolishness! I saw this on Bossip yesterday and I just don’t get it…


Ok so here is my list of what is wrong with this picture and why I am fed up!

  1. How old is “Single Ladies”? You choose now to do your “own” version…the leotard look has been duplicated and┬átriplicated (no it is not a word) a million times. Be ORIGINAL…
  2. None of you are on Beyonce’s level. This is disrespectful towards her. She didn’t become famous because of a sex tape
  3. Khloe REALLY looks like a man…like a serious transvestite…smh
  4. Kourtney looks like she is about to POP (Although she had the baby since the photo) Like they couldn’t wait til after she gave birth?
  5. Pack up the leotards! It is 2 degrees outside (That goes for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Amber Rose, and all of the other leotard wearing female celebrities)
  6. They just look like cheap imitations.

I will say though their makeup is FLAWLESS. The contouring of the cheeks is ON POINT!! Kudos to the makeup artist! Other than that this pic is an #epicfail (IMO)


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