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2009 August

Archives for August 2009

i-d5These images of models Chanel Imans, Jourdan Dunn, Sessilee Lopez, and Arlenis Sosa are simply breathtaking. Its really not much that I can say. Enjoy













“I AM NOT MY  HAIR” Solange continues to prove her critics wrong about her choice of cutting off her long locks. She looks absolutely amazing (maybe a little too much fringe on the shirt). She is giving us a different side of beauty. People often equate beauty with the length of someone’s hair, but as you can see Solange proves that theory wrong. At first when I came back from vacation and I saw her I was like “WHAT?” Now, I am like “WOW” (at a loss for words lol) Hair doesn’t define beauty! Beauty is definitely subjective, but just because you have long hair, it doesn’t mean you are more beautiful. We  need to get the “music video” image of beauty out of our head. I recently cut my hair (Kudos to me) I didn’t go as short as Solange (my head is too big for that) but it felt good to let my hair go. My hair was fairly long, but now I have a cute little bob and I love it!!!! Hair is like a boy, you cut it off, it comes right  back…so ladies if you want to “Let it go” Do so, it is a liberating feeling.

This weekend was full of everything from celebrations to funerals (RIP Senator Ted Kennedy and DJ AM) Here is a recap of the weekend events.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose was at Tao over the weekend in a HAWT bikini and cat eyes? I don’t undersand the contacts but she looks great none the less.


DJ UNK (the 2-step and walk it out guy) had a heart attack. HGB wishes him a speedy recovery. He is only 26yrs old! This should be a lesson for everyone. We need to take care of our bodies. Eat right, exercise, minimize your use of controlled substances please. This is serious.


Ashanti rocked a new do over the weekend. This has a very  Beyonce “Baby Boy-ish” and Alicia Keys feel to it but I like it on her. Ashanti’s makeup artist is on point too!


 Today is a rebirth for Whitney Houston. We all know the trials that she has faced over the past years. We watched her go from the top of the game to rock bottom. We watched as she struggled with drugs, her marriage, raising her daughter and just life in general. “I Look To You” is the birth of a new woman. A woman who has been set free from some of the many demons in her life (drugs, not Bobby, I won’t call him a demon lol)


Today Whitney “looks to us” to help jump start her career again. She looks to us to help guide her and support as she makes this transition toward a new life. I don’t expect to get the “old Whitney” back, but I do expect a healthier Whitney with an incredible voice, who wants to change. Over the past few months during the promo for this album, she looks healthier and happier and I just wish her the best of luck.

One of my all time favorite tracks (Whitney and Chaka’s version)


Mary J and Drake

This song has been getting major radio play for the past few months and I absolutely love it! This is definitely a great collabo for both Mary and Drake. Mary brings her soulful voice and Drake brings the new school rap feel. Drake is getting a lot of buzz and working with many industry heavy hitters (Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Eminem to name a few). This is a GREAT video! One of the best that I’ve seen in a very long time honestly. This definitely gets major rotation on my iPod…I keep saying to myself “even though Mary doesn’t know me, this song was written for me” lol I know a million other girls think this way as well.

Them other girl’s you done been with
None of them got nothing on me
Hating on my style they aint got nothing on me….nothing on me
Way I walk, the way I talk, my swagga…look around; every dude wanna have her
I ain’t saying that I’m the best, but I’m the best, hey baby you need