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Ok so what type of people do you expect to see at festivals like “Afro-Punk?” I expect to see the eccentric, eclectic, rock star, edgy fashionistas, but I did not expect to see this guy. As soon as I turned on Clinton I saw him and immediately said OH EM GEE…likeAlign Center really! Did you have to cut your pants leg? What’s with the spiked suspenders, du-rag and hot boots? What weather channel did you watch?

I don’t know who they are but they had a camera crew. There were about 50 people there with this “unique” haircut. I personally think it is getting out of control, but that’s just my opinion. I was originally drawn to these to because of the boots…

Yeah these boots…where do you get these? How do you wake up in the morning and put an outfit together with these…things that make you go “hmmmmmm” I guess they are pretty cool, she was walking in them like they were sneakers…I was truly amazed!

The design was pretty cool and she had on these fly “rock star” shades

42:14 and BROOKLYN and then you have His and Her Emoticons…can you say ORIGINAL…I have never seen anything like this before. Those are some crazy places to get tatts but I actually like them…especially the smiley faces 🙂
I was traumatized when I first saw this! I didn’t know what it was until I took a really good looke at it. This mask/head was actually made out of recycled materials…pretty cool right?
Ok there were tons of other people I wanted to take pics of, but I was too busy trying on shades, looking at t-shirts, stuffing my face with organic food, and talking to familiar faces in the crowd. Overall, I had a really good time.
So Sunday was the last day of the Afro-Punk festival celebrating the eclectic essence of African music, film, food, fashion, with a punk rock edge! Sunday was the block party and I hit the streets with my homegirl Shelly! Sorry there were no pictures of us but we got some great shots of merchandise from some great vendors. So check out a few pics of the fashion and designers.
Ok so I bought this shirt from “Cut It Out Apparel” because I believe in the message and PacMan is one of my favorite games EVERRR! The PacMan is eating and destroying “HO, BITCH, SKEEZA, SHAWTY, SKANK, and MA”

The back says GAME OVER….guys its a wrap for those “terms of endearment!” Treat us with the RESPECT we deserve and address us appropriately. I LOVE this line because it promotes healthy self-esteem for women. We need to understand that we are worth more!!! Female empowerment through fashion….I LOVE IT! Stay tuned for more features of CUT IT OUT until then check out

A few months ago I was in Harlem and actually met the owner and designer, Chanel of “Junk Prints.” Her style is so unique! From accessories, to pillows, to wallets, to dresses, to shirts, and buttons she does it all! Below you see a chain which says “The American Dream” made out of old vinyl records! Can you say D-O-P-E!!!!
Here is one of her unique bags.
Another chain “Visionary” made out of vinyls and a chain representing “NYC” She also has vinyl chains for each borough!
I think this is one of my favorite pieces….the Big Man Bag…so FLY!

Here are some pillows with the Junk Prints Mascots…I love the one with the swoop lol
Ok so here is a line by two young black males from Brooklyn! Flatbush to be exact….(shout out to Brownsville…lol) The line is called “Devosh” which means “Uniqueness within us” I love it!
I love to see young black men doing positive things! They have some really fly shirts so KidRobot and you other people look out for these two here.
The men behind Devosh Jonathan, 21 and Douglass 22
Ok the next few shirts are from “I Luv Black People” and I really do! We are just so unique, creative, versatile, just fly overall! The shirt below “The Soul Clap” which conveniently comes in all of the colors of the organizations in the DIVINE NINE…shout out to ZETA PHI BETA SORORITY, INC. 🙂 Too bad they didn’t have any smalls.
They have all types of t-shirts and dresses! Definitely check it out

So this is the designer edition of the Afro-Punk block party. Hope you enjoyed it! Definitely check out the brands featured in this post! Stay tuned for more GOODIES from them on here also! It Out Apparel. Be Original, Be Creative…Be Devosh-Uniqueness Within Us Junk Prints Clothing} Accessories} GENERAL DOPENESS!
Bring the wild wild west to the City. Here are a few ideas of how to bring the Cowgirl to the city for summer fun!


I'm a cowgirl, on a steel horse I ride

Something as simple as a hat, bag, shoe, or other accessories can change the dynamic of your look. Don’t be afraid stick with western or Native American inspired pieces and earth tones like brown, camel, and toffee, you will look so good no one will even notice the horse.

In honor of the 4th of July weekend this weeks Thirsty Thursday drink is the “FireCracker”

1 1/2 oz Tequila
Cracked ice
Tonic water
Lime wedge
Pour tequila over the ice in a highball glass. Fill with tonic. Stir and garnish with lime wedge.

Sure it may look like Sprite or 7up or just plain ol’ Seltzer but trust me…you will “Explode” when you taste this. When you do explode, make sure you do it gracefully and in style “owww” lol
Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

4th of July !
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